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Welcome to!

This web site is dedicated to the Chinese people.

We can all agree that the Chinese people treated us to a wonderful and memorable and technologically perfect Olympics in August of 2008!

At one time those outside of China carefully and compassionately brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ into China as best they could. Eric Liddel and Gladys Alward are known to many.

At this time, Bibles and Gospel tracts are being published inside China for use in China. World Missionary Press has just started printing in China! This web site is simply a series of links to Gospel materials in Chinese, English, and other languages for use by Chinese in China. I do not speak Chinese and have been to China once after the 2008 Olympics on a tour through a local U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese Government. I have loved China and wanted to come to China since the time of Richard Nixon's trip.

This site is about freedom! Nothing will be sold, no donations will be accepted.

It is my belief that China can only become stronger and more wonderful by meeting Jesus! I only want to provide links so you will be able to come to know him.

Jesus died
for you Jesus, don't leave earth without him!

The following is the Jesus Film which is the Gospel of Luke (Simplified Chinese), one of the four gospels in the New Testament written by Jesus' disciples.

Watch the Jesus Film (The Gospel of Luke, the New Testament, the Bible) in Mandarin Chinese

Watch the Jesus Film (Cantonese)

Watch the Jesus Film (Amoy)

Watch the Jesus Film (Foochow)

Watch the Jesus Film (Hainanese)

Watch the Jesus Film (Hakka)

Watch the Jesus Film (Hui)

Watch the Jesus Film (Mandarin, Taiwan)

Watch the Jesus Film (Shangahinese)

Watch the Jesus Film (Sichuan)

Watch the Jesus Film (Teochew)

Watch the Jesus Film (Yunnan Kumming)

Watch the Jesus Film (Yunnan Kumming)

There are more films in many languages! Click on Country Lookup Map
or the Language List.
You may have to start the video to check if what is listed is what you understand.

Below are my testimony and a friend's testimony how we came to Jesus. The date we most associate with coming to know Jesus personally is first. The age we came to Jesus is second. I came to Jesus in a moment of climax and was baptized years later. Marie says when she was baptized is the day she came to the Lord, her baptism was the moment of decision. The decision is what is important. Baptism comes out of obedience and public proclamation.

Name, Month-Day-Year I came to Jesus Christ, my age when I came to Jesus Christ

Beth 04-11-1968 19

Jesus 00-00-0000 00

Marie 11-21-1982 32

Last updated: 03/05/2017 (UNIX) i